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2021 – 2nd Quarter Update

By Gloria Scharton | September 24, 2021

Download PDF 2021 – 2nd Quarter Update LOOKING AHEAD In our last newsletter, we talked about how “Unexpected” defined 2020. And while we experienced many unexpected difficulties and limitations, we were also blessed with many unexpected gifts. As we look ahead, we still face some challenges. To be sure, many 


2021 – 1st Quarter Update

By Gloria Scharton | February 1, 2021

Download PDF ‘Looking Back on 2020 UNEXPECTED This year has overflowed with the unexpected. There have been unexpected twists, limitations, and challenges. We’ve been unable to visit the kids or schedule any fundraisers or bead sales. The kids haven’t attended school since mid-March. Our staff has worked extended hours without 


2020 – 3rd Quarter Update

By Gloria Scharton | November 30, 2020

Download PDF Reflections   Not being with the kids this year has been difficult for them as well as for us. But the time at home has given us time to reflect and remember those precious moments when we are together. The following reflections are from the Mitchell’s, a family 


2020 – 2nd Quarter Update

By Gloria Scharton | July 4, 2020

Download PDF Grateful   Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel. This has been such a challenging time for all of us, and Kenya’s Kidz has certainly been affected. We have not been able to have even one of our regular fundraisers or bead sales this year, but 


2020 – 1st Quarter Update

By Gloria Scharton | April 2, 2020

Download PDF COVID-19 in Kenya   Many of you have asked how our kids are doing in Kenya and how the population in general is faring with the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for asking. While our remote location has often felt like a curse, it’s been more of a blessing 


2020 Newsletter – a look back at 2019

By Gloria Scharton | January 31, 2020

Download PDF 2019 YEAR IN REVIEW   Wow! It has been an amazing year for Kenya’s Kidz and specifically at Namayiana Children’s Home. You have responded in so many ways and the children have been blessed beyond measure. Asante sana, thank you so much! Jackline and Jackson started their first 


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