All kids need
is a little help,
a little hope...
and someone who
believes in them.

- Magic Johnson -


If you can dream it, you can do it.

- Walt Disney-


All things are possible for those who believe.

- Gail Devers -

Empowering Kenya’s orphaned and vulnerable children to thrive and achieve their highest potential

Our Goals


Every child deserves a loving, nurturing environment. Sponsors are the lifelines of Namayiana Children's Home and ensure that we are able to...



Education is critical to empowering children in becoming contributing and responsible citizens. By 8th grade, options exist for secondary education or limited.  However...



Livestock is “the gift that keeps on giving” by the Maasai. Dairy cows provide an important source of milk for the children, as well as...


Visit Kenya's Kidz at Western Welcome Week August 21st


Visit our booth on Saturday, August 21st for Western Welcome Week on Main Street in Littleton. This event is a wonderful family event with a parade, craft fair, and street dancing. Kenya's Kidz will be selling beautiful beaded jewelry and other items made by the Maasai women in our Kenyan community.  Look for us in front of Tease Hair Salon.

Namayiana Kids

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