The History of Kenya's Kidz

Sept. 2009 019


Scott and Gloria
Start their Journey in Kenya  

They traveled to villages and schools with HEART (Health Education Africa Resource Team) teaching in schools and villages about HIV/AIDS prevention and the diseases killing the population. They visited several orphanages, where many of the children had lost their parents due to AIDS and fell in love with the children.


2005 - 2006

The Scharton's Return to Kenya to Continue Working with Heart & Village Care International 

They spent much of their time in the village setting, conducting education and health assessments, trying to understand the challenges through the eyes of the villager, not the American. They continued to find that orphans abounded in these communities. The orphan crisis permeated the Kenyan landscape, and their passion for the children grew.

orphan pic 3

2007 - 2010

The Scharton's Make their Annual Treks to Kenya

The Scharton's continue their annual treks to Kenya. Wherever they went, they found children in all conditions – sick, abandoned, HIV+, orphaned, impoverished, homeless, unloved, insignificant.

Their goal was to help orphanages, schools, and community centers that supported orphaned and at-risk children, to keep them healthy, safe, and in school.

During this time Scott and Gloria observed the good, bad, and ugly sides of orphanages. While many of them gave a valiant effort to care for their children, the Scharton's observed that many children were simply being warehoused, without imparting any sense of each child’s unique value and worth.



Kenya’s Kidz (501(c)3) Created

The Scharton's focus their efforts on orphans and vulnerable children. Partnering with Wilder Elementary, the school where Gloria teaches, the students raised enough money to drill a well for the Salem community in Kisumu.


2012 - 2013

The Scharton's Were Introduced to a Maasai Community to Explore the Opportunity to Build a Children’s Home

Scott and Gloria agreed to partner with them, and so Namayiana Children’s Home, meaning “The Blessed” in the Maa language, was formed. Within six months the home was built and the first seven children moved in.


2013 - 2017

Namayiana Children's Home


A separate building for the boys and male staff is built, as well as a chicken coop. The children and livestock grow in number. The first annual birthday party for all the children is held.


The “Well Done” fundraiser is launched to drill an onsite well to benefit Namayiana and Ronesa Academy, the school where our children attend. This is a joint effort with our Colorado friend Julie, Ronesa’s sponsor. This well is a huge blessing, reinforcing the phrase “Water is Life”, heard throughout Africa.


Namayiana has water! A greenhouse and dairy cow enclosure are built, and solar power is added to the building so that the children have light at night and early morning.


The children now number 21. A new playground is added, much to the children’s delight!

" A person's a person,

no matter how small."

- Dr. Seuss -

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