2020 Newsletter – a look back at 2019



Wow! It has been an amazing year for Kenya's Kidz and specifically at Namayiana Children's Home. You have responded in so many ways and the children have been blessed beyond measure. Asante sana, thank you so much!

    • Jackline and Jackson started their first year of high school. See "Namayiana Goes to High School".
    • Brothers Jackson and Isaac received surgery to repair their birth defects. See "Immediate Need - MET!!"
    • Teresia, Isaiah, and Joseph (all siblings) were transferred to a special needs school that will more adequately address their unique needs.
    • Four amazing teams hit the ground running this summer, which included 3 families and a group of teachers. See "From the Field" for more information.
    • We welcomed Favour, Mercy, Elijah, Jackline (a second one), and Stella into the Namayaina family, bringing us to a total of 30 children under our wing. See "Child Sponsorship" if you are interested in supporting one of these children in a more personal way.
    • An additional housemom was hired to provide more love and support for the increasing number of children and relieve the workload of the existing staff.
    • Electricity has made it to the village! With that said, it will take some expense and effort to get the buildings prepared to accept it on the compound. However, we were able to bring electricity to the pump on the well as a backup to the solar power. This has been a huge improvement, since our water supply is often at risk during the cold season when the skies can be cloudy for days and weeks at a time. We were also able to add outside electrical lights to the outlying buildings. Progress is coming to our remote village!
    • The environment is hard on everything, and our pump gave out this fall. As you know, water is essential and our staff had to deal with minimal water supply as it was being replaced. Not a quick and easy fix!

As you can see, it's been a banner year. All of the children are healthy, doing well in school, and thriving in every way. You are such an integral part to making all of this happen. All of us, including the staff and children, are more grateful for your generous support than we can express.

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