A Life Changing Moment for Elisa

The moment I stepped foot in Namayiana (Children’s Home), I was enveloped by the great love and joy of the 21 children that live at the home. In no time at all, I was learning names, playing hand games, having my hair braided, giving piggy back rides, and running around the new playground with Mercy and all of her Namayiana family.

I would say that I fell in love with all of these kids that very first day. Throughout the rest of our time there, we handed out new clothes, checked in with teachers, performed eye exams, and then had the combined birthday party for all of the children (this was definitely my favorite.) We even managed to get a piñata to Kenya for the kids to experience. It was all over far too quickly, but I would not have traded my experience in Kenya for the world! Now, Mercy and I write letters back and forth, and I look forward to picking out her Christmas and birthday presents each year. She has become part of my family. (Elisa joined our team in July and had the joy of meeting her sponsored child.)

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