A Family’s Journey

Dan and Malia, and their children, Jane and Maggie visited Namayiana on their own in January. We are grateful for the many hours Dan spent working to install a pipe to the various locations needing water – home, greenhouse, school, farm, etc. This is his story.

We are impressed with what you have helped create there. I can say with clarity that it is definitely not a vanity project - mazungus (white people) with a side project near a nice area of the country. That is tough living out there! You have chosen a tough place to make a difference. I loved the early morning bird song in the scrub thorns and the late evening sunset over the center. But in the middle of the day, you feel how hard it is to wring out a life in that dry land. The cultural and political and societal challenges are immense. But the home feels very much like a blessed community. -- Dan

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