2019 Newsletter – a look back at 2018



As we begin our 7th year since taking in our first children at Namayiana Children’s Home, we are reminded once again of all that we are grateful for. We are grateful for 25 terrific kids, and that they are all healthy and happy. We are grateful for our dedicated staff. We are grateful for the teams who are willing to sacrifice their time and resources to travel to Kenya to love on the kids. And we are grateful for YOU – our generous sponsors and supporters – for your ongoing generous support, encouragement, and prayers. The children continue to thrive, and we are forever grateful.

The number of kids at Namayiana has increased and they are growing up! Four more kids have been added to our Namayiana family, taking us to 25. Our two oldest children are about 15 years old and will soon be going to secondary (high) school. It’s heartrending to watch our precious children grow into kind, responsible, and respectful people, who demonstrate a resiliency that belies their young age.

We made two trips to Kenya, in July and January, and while one was quite different from the other, a great deal was accomplished both times.

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