Notes from the Field — July and November 2017

It has been a great year! We made two trips to Kenya in 2017, in July and November. Both times, great teams accompanied us. We accomplished a lot at the Home, but as always, the highlight is spending time with the kids.

July 2017
The trip this summer brought many new memories, for both the mazungus (white people) and the Kenyans. We had our 4th annual birthday party, which is always a highlight for the kids (and adults). Since we don’t know the birthdays of most of our children, we celebrate all of their birthdays on a designated day when we are there during the summer. The party is complete with cake, games, gifts, food, and this year, a piñata!

New playground equipment was also installed for the kids, thanks to the generous donations from Wilder Elementary. What a wonderful blessing!

November 2017
With another awesome team, new experiences and memories were made. A glorious day was had by all as we had an early Christmas party, aka “Happy Birthday, Jesus” celebration. The children received special gifts and stockings filled with goodies, got their faces painted, and ate a traditional Kenyan goat feast. Throughout the week, the guys spent long, challenging hours laying the groundwork to pipe the water to the various locations near and around Namayiana.

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